CCTV, Monitor and Response

CCTV – Video Surveillance Monitoringsurveillance camera

With Safe & Secure’s digital CCTV monitoring systems there is no need to review hours of video footage to search for specific incidents. Any recorded CCTV video footage required can be searched for by using a date and time search function, scrolling the mouse bar pointer to a timeline on a monitor screen, or searching for recorded activity in a location based section of the building map. This method is even simpler if there is an incident report of the security break, with a recorded time and location.

Having installed video CCTV monitoring equipment can also help reduce liability and your insurance costs. Insurance companies are all pro-use with regards to electronic video recording of property and premises. Improving your security with CCTV measures therefore can help increase your profitability, showing them that you are taking responsible action to protect your business or home with the use of digital video surveillance systems.

Workplaces with CCTV systems record less work place violence, theft, harassment and poor customer service by employees and building guests than a workplace with no CCTV coverage. The classic idea of big brother always watching serves as a notable deterrent for criminal (or otherwise poor) behaviour, and because of this CCTV systems are showing a significant rise in popularity in the workplace.

The latest technology in CCTV monitoring systems has the capacity to enhance recorded images, perfect for capturing stills of offenders or number plates on vehicles of interest.

The systems are fully functional, recording to DVD, but they also have USB access for easy plug and play technology. Download all specified video footage onto an  easy to use device anytime for efficient viewing.

Most systems now come with remote access to the monitoring main system, and our recommended setup involves using remote connectivity, enabling viewing on mobile phone and tablet along with desktop.

Access Control

Access Control systems can do more than simply allow authorised people into and out of your premises. Sensitive areas such as a manager’s office stock rooms or data centers may need special protection. Alternatively, access may be required by different people at different times – for example, cleaning staff may need to access certain areas at specific times of the day.

It may also be important for your business to monitor who goes where and when. Cataloguing employee and visitor movement can generate valuable management information to help your business achieve maximum efficiency.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Business SecurityCCTV system

SAS Security has expertise in virtually every risk area, so you have the confidence to focus on what matters, your bottom line.

We provide state of the art home security systems to help protect your home and family. Our CCTV home security systems can combine motion detection, entry point detection, CCTV and remote monitoring to suit your home. A customised home security system is installed by an SAS consultant who will assess the layout of your home and recommend the components needed to help maximise security.

Virtual Guards

If you have a need for your property to be watched from a distance we can provide virtual guards that monitor your property from our control centre. These guards have direct access to police stations and emergency services the moment there is an incident recorded on site.

This ability to monitor and report provides rapid response to problems as they happen. This offers a cost effective and reliable solution, using our already operational control centre to monitor your premises. The ability to view and review CCTV video from our control centre is invaluable. This is a viable option for businesses that need protection but don’t want (or need) a physical presence on site.

SAS employs highly-trained CCTV operators that, in the event of an alarm, can view and monitor the CCTV video footage live at your business premises, to help determine what caused the alarm and how to action that trigger.

CCTV & Your Home Alarm System

Add another layer of security to your home by using a CCTV system. You can have a system set up to record video or just be placed in view to deter criminal activity. Recording external areas is our most popular CCTV placement choice, and as part of our package, we also provide training and support for how to set it up and review the recorded footage.

We now have access to wireless technology that can transmit signals without the need for expensive and time-consuming wiring & cabling, meaning we can now set up your cameras anywhere inside the property or outside, fixed to the building.

Our install technician will consult you about the strategic location of camera placement for best use, to help monitor as much area as possible. SAS offers specialised CCTV system design and installation; we have specialised expertise with high rise buildings, retail stores, hotels, industrial work sites, sporting event grounds, entertainment venues and much more.

So why no start mitigating your business risk and maximising your profits? Book your free consultation for CCTV monitoring with SAS today!

Stay safe, with Safe And Secure Security.