Mоbіlе Pаtrоl and Key Holding

The Security Patrols We Provide

We supply Mobile Security patrols to many local businesses throughout Northampton. Our vehicles cover many business premises each night and our mobile patrol officers are vigorous with their site checks.

Rapid response to intruder alerts

Mobile security patrols provide a rapid response option for acts of theft and vandalism at your property. The security patrol officer will be the first person at your business premises when an alarm triggers or a report of an incident is recorded. The patrol officer will then conduct a search of the property, and while doing this, a second patrol officer will be act as backup, continue to monitor your property while the search is carried out.

Highly-trained professionals

Mobile PatrolOur mobile security patrol personnel are highly trained with a keen eye for detail, reporting all incidents to the monitoring station as they happen, providing a live update. The monitoring center can co-ordinate resources to best provide a security response to any act of trespass or theft on your property.

Precise, detailed reporting

All suspicious activity is reported and logged in the nightly running log. We provide detailed reporting from our service that can provide valuable insight into the after hours activity around your business, and how you can improve.

Top of the range security vehicles

Our vehicles come fitted with GPS tracking and built in reporting software further increasing the mobility, functionality and productivity of our patrol officers. This helps with our reporting and monitoring as well as ensuring you have the best security equipment looking after you and your property.

Working with the local police force

Our mobile patrol response security is highly effective at deterring incidents and responding to incidents as they happen, but when security breaches do occur, we work closely with the police until the situation is resolved. Together, we work daily to decrease crime in Northampton, and with our officers and local force on hand to keep your business safeguarded, you can relax at night knowing we are there.

Seamless teamwork and communication

All our mobile patrol vehicles are fitted with communication devices that tie the night patrol team together and allow direct radio communication to a central monitoring station for rapid response. When an incident is logged the radio call goes to the central monitoring station who can then broadcast the location and nature of the incident to the entire patrol fleet.

This also works in reverse, as the patrol officer can call in for support when they notice something wrong onsite. This is a fast and effective way to provide fast reaction in response to an incident. The moment an incident is logged, a call will go out to local police to attend. Meanwhile the security mobile patrol response team will arrive onsite to conduct a reconnaissance of the premises and report back to the central monitoring center to either cancel the police patrol or request further assistance.

Equipped, licensed and approved medical officers

Security officers working the nightshift come equipped with all the equipment required to complete the alarm response patrol work. Our security personal are well versed at patrol duties of locking and unlocking vulnerability testing and reporting on findings.

Our personnel have all passed a basic medical test and understand the law and regulations pertaining to this kind of work. Our security patrol officers are also all licensed by the regulatory body and issued individual numbers that coincide with their overall record of conduct as per local legislation.

Kеу Hоldіng ServiceKeyholding

Another service that we provide is the holding of keys for safe keeping. This service incorporates the collection of building keys and access cards along with any passcodes for secure handling of the items.

What our key holding service includes

Our keyholding service provides security for your valuables. Maintaining the secure holding of your property at all times is our goal. The service we provide also includes secure lock up and unlocking service at designated times during the evening and mornings.

Keeping keys safe at our secure headquarters

We also have an impressive keyholding safe at our headquarters, where we will and can hold keys at this location overnight or extended periods of time, depending on your requirements. When you need that extra security for your business you can count on safe and Secure Security to provide everything you need in one place.

Tailored key holding service

If you don’t see a service that you want on our services page contact us for a more detailed discussion on what we can help you with since we also provide bespoke security solutions.

For instance, if you have employees that access or leave your building at odd hours we can also provide staff escorts to and from the building to their vehicle or a set point if catching public transport, an added courtesy for choosing Safe and Secure Security.

We believe in offering a unique and personal experience when dealing with your safety, so when you partner with SAAS Security, we will always tailor our service package to  match your needs. Our service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year, so no matter where you are, day or night, you can rest assured that your property is being guarded by the best professional security personnel.

Service Explainers and Definitions

What is Key Holding?

Key holding is the safeguarding of keys and valuable access cards for added security.

This means your access integrity is protected by security professionals, often keeping keys in a secure safe house. They may also offer a service to lock or unlock the property at various times, according to your needs.

What are Mobile Security Patrols?

Nightly patrol and security audit of entry and access points of a premises to maintain structural integrity of the building.

What Does Reporting an Incident Occurrence Involve?

A running log is provided nightly and any incidents are recorded in an incident report.

What is logged in an Incident Report?

  • Incident Reports contain key elements to establish some context of the incident including
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Officer involved
  • Nature of Incident
  • Reported To
  • Damage onsite
  • Police or Medical contacted
  • Official signatures

When an incident has taken place Security personal are required to complete an incident report, commonly referred to as an IR, followed by a numerical sequence to help identify reports. The Incident report acts as a written account of what the security officer saw and did when involved with the reported incident.

What happens to an Incident Report once it has been made?

Patrol officers complete nightly running logs logging each task and duration for task on a reporting form that is updated over the course of the shift each night. This report is submitted to senior management each morning as the mobile patrol security officers finish their nightly runs.

It is common procedure among security companies, military and law enforcement personnel to document every incident for review by superior officers, and in the case of security companies, the client who is involved with engaging the security company.

Once an IR has been completed and logged, it is reviewed by senior management and brought to the clients attention for action or review. This system involves all major stakeholders and communicates the after hours activities of the service.

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