Security Services Bedford

Located on the north side of St Paul’s Square a stone’s throw from the River Ouse, SAS Security sits just around the corner from Bedford High Street, at the heart of Bedford’s retail district. Nestled near Bedford’s historical Bedford Corn Exchange and the Church of Saint Paul, we keep an eye on the town’s heritage as well as its modern shopping centres and car parks.

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We provide alarm control and response services as well as CCTV monitoring to numerous businesses in Bedford town centre, and work with local traders to advise on security matters, creating a safe and protected town centre for our local community. We also provide protection and security to events in and around the Bedford area, ensuring the safety of attendees and VIPs alike.

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SAS Security is an award-winning provider of security services in the UK. Our vision is to become the leading brand in the United Kingdom’s private security industry by providing quality services and cutting edge technology to keep communities safe. We all want to live safer lives, and at SAS Security we give back to our local neighbourhoods to inspire peace of mind in our customers and those around them.

Led by our Director, Shane O’Doherty, we believe in a customer-centred approach, based around discovering and fulfilling the needs of our customers.

We believe in three founding values:

  • Always abide by the law
  • Always act in the best interest of the customer
  • Remember: every problem has a solution!
Security Services Bedford

Bedford Security Company

Access Control and Alarm Response Bedford

Thanks to our top of the range response alarms in Bedford our mobile response patrols stand ready to divert from randomised daily patrol routes at a moment’s notice to attend to emerging situations, giving you a fast-response solution to security. Our GPS tracked vehicles have live monitoring facilities to track activity as it happens, and our mobile response personnel work closely with our control centre to keep up-to-date at all times.

Events Security Bedford

Our staff are highly trained and equipped for the handling of events security in Bedford, ensuring a professional face to your security, leaving your attendees feeling safe and cared for while attending the main event. Our training includes a wealth of regulations knowledge, so you can rest assured that the complexities of event hosting will be well-handled by our staff.

Mobile Patrol and Key Holding Bedford

Our mobile patrol services roam the streets of Bedford to safeguard communities, and respond rapidly to developing situations at your property. Our patrol officers work closely with our control centre and the police to deliver an active response to situations in progress.

Our key-holding services provide you options to boost the security of your premises, and we are equipped to handle everything from keys to passcodes.

Security Guard and Retail Security Bedford

Our extensive team of SIA-licenced security guards keep Bedford’s shops and businesses safe, providing pre-engagement risk assessments prior to deploying on-site, ensuring we can protect them in the most efficient way possible.

We have recorded zero loss of property to theft in two years of SAS security personnel serving on-site.

CCTV, Monitor and Response Bedford

Our CCTV control centre in Bedford possesses the latest in monitoring systems technology, including the ability to enhance recorded images and review recordings by date and time. All recordings are made to DVD with the ability to save to USB, providing flexibility for efficient viewing.

We even provide remote monitor connectivity, allowing you to stay hooked in to your site security while on the move.