Security Services Luton

Famed at one time for its hat-making, modern Luton is experiencing a rebirth as a modern satellite town to the larger London area. SAS Security are proud to stand with Luton at the start of a new era, and our offices are perfectly placed to oversee its many regenerative projects. Luton remains a cradle of British industry, to this day still being home to Vauxhall Motors.

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At SAS Security, we work with Luton’s businesses and private customers to bring safety and security to a town in transition. As a gateway to the region, Luton sees a lot of through-traffic, so safeguarding the local community and ensuring the town retains its character is a priority for us.

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Led by our Director, Shane O’Doherty, SAS Security leverages cutting-edge technology to protect neighbourhoods and safeguard our customers. We pride ourselves on our award-winning technology, equipment, and the skills to deploy them effectively. Our intention is to be an industry leader in the UK.

At the core of everything we do are our three founding principles:

  • Always abide by the law
  • Always act in the best interest of the customer
  • Remember: every problem has a solution!
Security Services Luton

Luton Security Services

CCTV, Monitor and Response Luton

SAS Security offers modern, high-tech CCTV solutions, allowing the swift access and review of CCTV footage throughout Luton.

Installing CCTV systems can greatly reduce liability and insurance costs, as well as provide security to your business and inspire honesty in your workforce.

Our CCTV systems are available for installation in business environments or to provide additional security to your home, keeping our customers safe no matter their needs.

Security Guard and Retail Security Luton

Our security guards can cover a range of services across Luton, from access control through to application of first aid, and our free security risk assessment can help you assess the most effective way to defend your business.

Our security guards are highly-trained individuals committed to keeping you and your property safe, and take great pride in their work.

Mobile Patrol and Key Holding Luton

Our mobile security patrols are the key to our fast response times, providing protection to premises night and day in Luton.

In cases of theft and vandalism, our mobile patrols are the first on the scene to conduct a search and assess the situation. Any activity will be carefully recorded for use in incident reports or police investigations.

We also provide key holding services, including bespoke options which can be tailored to best keep your business safe.

Events Security Luton

At SAS Security, we’re frequently trusted by our customers to handle the complexities of event security, ensuring compliance to a litany of regulations thanks to our skilled team. With Luton being the home of Europe’s largest one-day carnival, we understand the importance of safe and secure events to a community’s identity.

Access Control and Alarm Response Luton

Our highly-trained event security staff offer 24/7 support in Luton, responding to security alarm activations around the clock. When an alarm activates, our control centre will alert the nearest mobile patrol vehicle to attend the scene and assess the situation, at which point we will work closely with the police force to determine whether to request dispatch.