Security Services Milton Keynes

As Britain’s archetypal new town and one of the fastest growing places in the UK, Milton Keynes faces unique challenges, and we at SAS Security are there to meet them. A growing population brings problems such as increased crime, vandalism, and cultural change, and we’re proud to protect the future of Milton Keynes, ensuring its place as a safe and vibrant cultural centre of the UK.

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Milton Keynes’ stunning parks and outdoor spaces are home to dozens of festivals, carnivals, and live events, which SAS Security work hard to keep safe and secure. We feel equally responsible for the cultural landmarks of Milton Keynes, such as Bletchley Park, home of British code breaking in World War II.

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Alongside the town’s cultural heritage and its green spaces are the homes and businesses that SAS Security aims to keep safe, providing peace of mind to its residents and business owners.

At SAS Security, we believe our three guiding values are key to all that we do.

  • Always abide by the law
  • Always act in the best interest of the customer
  • Remember: every problem has a solution!
Security Services Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Security Services

Security Guard and Retail Security Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a thriving town, and our security guards are present in many local businesses to protect employers and their customers alike. We’re able to cover a variety of duties, including:

  • Access/egress control
  • Assistance in maintenance
  • Assistance in health & safety matters
  • A safe environment for your employees and customers
  • Continual deterrent against crime
  • First aid application
  • People, objects, and vehicle searches
  • Regular patrols

Events Security Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is home to many events, both indoor and outdoor, and we take great pride in creating safe spaces for these events to occur. Our trained event staff/stewards can handle complex event security, providing a competent, professional, and friendly face to your events.

Our staff are trained to manage on-site incidents such as small fires and first aid, so we offer peace of mind to event holders while complying with regulations.

Mobile Patrol and Key Holding Milton Keynes

Our mobile patrols are on the road constantly throughout Milton Keynes, ready to respond to issues as they arise. Our control centre will dispatch mobile patrols to intruder alerts, allowing them to be first on scene to resolve emerging crises.

Each of our patrol officers are highly trained and equipped to manage first-line response, and our top-of-the-range security vehicles come fitted with GPS tracking and built-in reporting software.

Our key-holding services offer many options for secure access and control, from keys to access cards and passcodes. Our keys are kept under secure guard at all times, leaving you to focus on other matters.

Access Control and Alarm Response Milton Keynes

SAS Security offers round-the-clock alarm response support in Milton Keynes, safeguarding homes and businesses from out-of-hours theft and vandalism. Our trained professionals respond quickly to our security alarms, enabled by our mobile patrols throughout the city and our high-tech control centre.

CCTV, Monitor and Response Milton Keynes

SAS Security provides the latest in CCTV systems and virtual guarding technology in Milton Keynes, allowing us easy access to recorded CCTV footage by date and time, as well as real-time & remote monitoring from our CCTV control centre.

The benefits of CCTV are nearly endless for the modern business, from preventing theft and violent incidents to monitoring staff performance, as well as lowering insurance premiums and proving a priceless resource for incident reporting.

At SAS Security we offer a free CCTV consultation, so get in touch with us to book yours today.