Security Services Northampton

Located in Northampton town centre, our security services in Northampton are in the perfect position to respond to any alarm calls and requests in the Northampton area, as well as monitor CCTV for local businesses. Our work keeps the town’s beautiful parks peaceful and creates a relaxed atmosphere for the people of Northampton.

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As one of Britain’s largest towns, the spirit of Northampton is between the city and the country, with a small-town vitality which brings its local people together. We at Safe And Secure Security consider ourselves part of the community, and by the nature of our work, also consider ourselves responsible for maintaining it. Our Northampton security services manage event security and mobile patrols, keeping the town a safe and relaxed place to be.

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At SAS Security, we pride ourselves on being an award-winning industry leader, with our vision to become the most cutting-edge security brand in the United Kingdom. We provide high-tech quality services to keep communities safe, and believe that we have a duty to give back to our local neighbourhoods by providing security to our customers, which in turn benefits those around them.

At the heart of our vision is our Director, Shane O’Doherty, and our three founding values:

  • Always abide by the law
  • Always act in the best interest of the customer
  • Remember: every problem has a solution!
Security Services Northampton

Northampton Security Company

Access Control and Alarm Response Northampton

Our access control and alarm response services in Northampton use a two-pronged approach, as our control centre supports our mobile patrols in the field. Our highly-trusted staff respond to security alarms quickly, and follow-up patrols help secure the area. Together, these work to keep businesses and homes safe.

Events Security Northampton

Modern events security in Northampton is an incredibly complex affair, and the impact of getting it wrong can be devastating. We at SAS Security offer expertise in event security, and a professional face to your public or ticketed event. Our highly-trained stewards are equipped to handle all of the variables of event security, from timetables to alcohol licensing regulations.

Mobile Patrol and Key Holding Northampton

We supply mobile security patrols to many local businesses throughout Northampton, and our professionals respond rapidly to intruder alerts to prevent theft and vandalism.

Our patrol officers in Northampton will be the first on scene in the event of an alarm, and will undertake a thorough inspection of the premises with a second patrol officer for backup.

We understand the importance of precise and detailed reporting, so our incidents are all recorded in our nightly running log for your peace of mind.

Security Guard and Retail Security Northampton

Security guards in Northampton make up a large portion of our workforce, and we employ fully vetted and licensed staff to protect Northampton’s businesses.

Our retail security guards in Northampton are fully SIA-licenced, and work to create a safe environment for your employees and customers, providing regular patrols and incident response.

As part of our service, we carry out a pre-engagement risk assessment absolutely free, enabling us to protect you in the most thorough way possible.

CCTV, Monitor and Response Northampton

Our high-tech CCTV systems in Northampton offer date and time search functions, which we can use in conjunction with incident reports to prevent the chore of scouring hours of footage.

Installing a working CCTV system in your property can reduce theft, violence, and poor customer service by employees, deterring criminality and bolstering staff performance.

We provide a virtual guard service, enabling us to monitor your premises in Northampton from our central control centre via remote monitoring, keeping your business safe and secure.