The Referendum 2016 is over and the nation has decided to leave the EU. Whilst the Brexit is generally discussed in political and constitutional context, this article examines the Brexit’s impact on the private security industry.

One thing is pretty certain following the referendum, and that is uncertainty. Why would this not be the case? After all, it is an unprecedented transition and the likelihood is that it will be a few years before the face of the new future will start to emerge. This would mean that a game of dominoes will commence where the uncertainty will be likely to cause the economy to slow and the collective economic slowdown will be likely to cause difficulties in growth of individual companies. Simply put, the forthcoming picture would much reminiscent of the one we had in the previous recession. The snapshot is that 25% increase in thefts from persons and a 4% increase in burglaries were recorded in the first quarter on 2009.  “Stealth and snatch thefts” and robberies at knife-point noted a 5% increase in comparison with October to December 2008 with the same period in 2007.

This is to say that there exists an inevitable link between certain types of crimes and economic difficulties. If the historical data is anything to go by, then the we should prepare to face another increase in crime. We cannot reduce the crime, but we can protect our business and customers better in the forthcoming turbulent times.

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