Safe and Secure are proud to support C2C Social Action, a charity in Northampton looking after the Knife Angel, an Anti Knife Crime statue made up of 100,000 knives either handed in during police amnesty or actually used in offences.

Angie from C2C Social Action has expressed her “sincere thanks” to us for supporting this 2 week event for Anti Knife Crime in Northampton.

The statue is situated in Northampton Town centre and will be here for 2 weeks until its time to leave and be taken to Corby.

The Knife Angel is a contemporary sculpture formed of 100,000 knives created by artist Alfie Bradley and the British Ironworks Centre, based in Oswestry, England.[1]

Completed in 2018, the structure of the angel stands at 27 ft (8.2 m) tall.  In order to create the sculpture, 200 knife banks were produced by the Ironworks and amnesties held for individuals to anonymously donate their knives. Knives seized by police were also included, with many arriving in evidence tubes. Approximately 30% of knives used in the angel arrived with bodily fluids on their surface

Pictures from Northampton Chronicle and further information can be seen HERE.