Event Security

There are many aspects that need to be taken in to account when planning and preparing for an event, the amount SAS will put in to an event will depend on several key factors including, the type of event, size of event, risk rating, number of staff working the event and expected attendance, just to name a few.

Safe and Secure Security Services has an obligation and duty of care to ourselves, our staff, our clients and the public to ensure that all staff working an event have all the necessary information without overloading them, to ensure they can do their job to the best of their ability. This is to guarantee that our clients are always happy, that everyone attending the event remains safe and that the event goes to plan and runs smoothly.


Event Planning and Event Management.

Safe and Secure will ensure their management team conduct a full briefing to all your staff as well as a well informed and proactive event security team for your event. 

Our Management team complete this event brief and  provides printed copies for team members working the event, so they can be informed and well versed with the landscape of the event grounds. SAS will also take one step further in proactive operations by providing a roster start time for all their staff with enough time prior to the event starting to ensure all staff are given a detailed event brief to ensure that all relevant information is passed on, any questions are asked and answered for complete briefing coverage.

Festival and Event Security

When it comes to festival and event security, we know and understand the finer workings of just how complex putting all the pieces together to make it a success can be. So, we want to provide you with the feeling that you have the right people for the job so you can concentrate on the finer details. We care when it comes to safeguarding your event and the safety of public in attendance of the event.

Our event security officers are fully licensed by the SIA, the officers have experience in crowd management as well as maintaining order in public, open and confined spaces. We use real time tracking devices for constant coverage of all areas within the event, combined with our drone surveillance services.

We have been trusted by our customers to manage some high-profile events such as British Touring at Silverstone, MMA and Boxing events, see our latest fighter escort efforts here.

Event Security is the face of your public or ticketed event, your establishment should be represented by industry professionals that have the security of your patrons as their priority. Event security provide information on event facilities and timetables, the smiling welcoming face that greets your guests and provides the first line of contact is extremely important since you want that to be a positive experience for your patrons.

If you have number limitations and alcohol licensing regulations to abide by, our event security personnel are well equipped to facilitate and manage these tasks. The officers will do this by conducting hourly reporting of attendance numbers and potential problems regarding the consumption of alcohol, or illegal substances at your establishment.

Should you have an emergency that can not be avoided our event security personnel are equipped to help put out small to medium sized fires, and play an important role in a full-scale evacuation. Security personnel will have an active role in an emergency from helping identify and make first contact with the emergency. They will then help disperse the crowd in an orderly and controlled manner to evacuation points, and maintain a perimeter on the external of the building preventing anyone from re-entering during the evacuation process. Once the local emergency services are onsite, hand over the main responsibility to the senior officer will take charge of the danger.

SAS ensures this happens by completing a brief based on all the information provided by key stakeholders.

The information for an event brief for staff comes from:

  • The Client
  • The Venue
  • The Bar Management Company
  • The First Aid Provider
  • Risk Management Plans – Risk Management Meetings
  • Event Management Plans
  • Security Management Plans
  • Key stake holder meetings

Event Reporting

Reporting back to the Event Director will be done by the Senior Security Manager. SAS ensures all reporting is 100% complaint with

  • Local Regulation
  • The Security SOP’s and compliance of safe work practices.

The types of reports SAS keep are dependent on the type of event, type of report needed and the client request. The reports include but are not limited to:

  • Security Officer Hourly run sheets
  • Notices of Authorization
  • Incident Reports –Numerical and in Triplicate copy
  • Incident investigations Report
  • Event Log Sheets
  • Large Event Log sheet and Graph

Safe and Secure Security can create, customize or modify any report required to ensure complete client satisfaction as long as the reports remain compliant with standards set out by legal acts and corporate responsibility.

Our Event Security Services Include:

  • Crowd Management
  • Crowd Control
  • Event Security/Stewards
  • Event Management
  • Fight Nights and Walkout Security
  • Gate Entry Screening people, objects and vehicles
  • Guest list verification
  • Bodyguard
  • Close Personal Protection
  • VIP Security

Our Event Related Services Include:

  • Traffic Management
  • Traffic Control
  • Customer Belonging Security
  • Cloak Room Attendants

All SAS personnel hold licenses issued by SIA and are police certified after submitting a background check, ensuring you that these are top of the line security officers and are clear to work within the security industry.